About Us

Washington Management Service (WMS) employees are leaders in agencies across the state. We are experts in our roles, making valuable contributions to crucial public services. But we do face challenges in our jobs, like wage compression, a lack of transparency in decisions that affect us, and the absence of a progressive salary schedule.

In the 2023 legislative session, the state legislature passed HB 1122, allowing WMS employees to unionize. On January 1, 2024, we will legally be allowed to form a union.

As members of the WMS Employees Association, we can work together to constructively address the issues that challenge us.

Why should I sign a card RIGHT NOW?

A union contract is a legally binding agreement that can codify protections and benefits. The sooner we join together as WMSEA members, the sooner we can win our first contract—but our strength will come from numbers.

We may perform a wide variety of roles as WMS employees, but we have a lot in common. As union members, we’ll stand to gain regular, obligatory meetings with management. We can negotiate important rights like just cause protections and much more. That’s why it’s critical to sign a card today, so that when our union can be legally recognized on January 1, 2024, we can get started right away.

Why should all WMS organize together in one union?

If WMS employees at each department go their own way, securing union rights and a contract at each agency could take years—and our bargaining power would be considerably weakened. As a united front of 3,000 WMSEA members, we will have a strong voice at the bargaining table to work for the changes we need to see. Let's all organize together.

Why do WMS workers want a union?

The state won’t prioritize WMS staff until we have a united voice for change, in our agencies and across the state. Though we are doing different kinds of work, we face the same issues and can join together to overcome them.

Unions are a powerful way for public employees to have a voice in their workplaces and to collaborate for positive change. Many WMS employees share common problems:

  • Wages
    • More and more WMS employees are experiencing wage compression as the years pass.
    • We need for a progressive salary schedule so we can plan our lives and our families’ futures.
    • Without a union, we have no real ability to negotiate around pay concerns.
  • Transparency 
    • Many WMS employees aren’t party to decisions are made by the state that affect our work. We don’t have a voice in systemic changes that impact WMS staff.
  • Equity
    • Individual state agencies have no interest in or obligation to work together with other state agencies to extend benefits or possible work/life perks consistently across agencies.
    • WFSE members have won greater protections and benefits, like just cause protections. 

How does the bargaining process work?

Bargaining is a powerful tool for making positive change. Here’s how it will work for WMSEA, though this timeline may vary somewhat depending on the Public Employment Relations Commission (PERC) process.

In January 2024, WMS employees will be eligible to unionize. Once the new local union is certified via PERC election, WMS staff will elect their own bargaining representatives. Guided by the priorities and input of all WMS staff, these representatives will be empowered to negotiate a supplemental agreement to the WFSE General Government CBA over wages and WMS-specific concerns.

Once agreed upon, there will be a ratification vote of the agreement and WMS members will vote to accept or reject the new deal. If accepted, it will then be submitted to the Washington Office of Financial Management (OFM) by the October 1 deadline as required by state law.

Why is WFSE the right choice for WMS employees?

WFSE represents over 45,000 public employees in agencies across the state. Through contract negotiation, union-management communication committees, and member action teams, WFSE members are winning raises, solving problems, growing our union, and protecting our rights at work.

WFSE led the charge in the legislature to win the right for WMS employees to join a union.

WFSE has the necessary experience negotiating large contracts in state government and representing public employees in agencies across Washington. WFSE members include many professional workers such as the Assistant Attorneys General—another group that WFSE helped to win the legal right to join a union.

WFSE represents more public employees and more supervisors than any other union in the state. Together, we’re making real, positive change. Join today!