How WMS Employees Won Union Rights

We passed the bill that gave union rights to WMS employees. WFSE members spoke up for our jobs, families, and communities during the 2023 Legislative Session—and successfully worked with WMS employees to pass HB 1122, which allows WMS workers in salary band 1 and 2 the ability to collectively bargain and join a union. 

WMS employees at DOC and across our state agencies perform difficult and often dangerous work. These employees lacked a voice on the job, regular raises and everything else that comes with belonging to a union like WFSE. HB 1122 finally gave WMS workers the ability to advocate for themselves. 

Listen to the legislative advocacy by WMS employees and WFSE staff that led to passage of HB 1122:

Now that we have collective bargaining rights, there's no time to lose in joining together as a union and working toward a better WMS. Sign a card today.